Figuring Out Fitness

My name is Andrew Milne and I am the owner and founder of Figuring Out Fitness Inc (FOF). I have always been passionate about helping people and my experiences over the last 10 years have been instrumental in making FOF a reality. Our bodies, health and well-being have always fascinated me, beginning as a student athlete, then becoming a certified personal trainer before transitioning to working as an EMT. (More about me here)

The 5 W’s of FOF

Who? You! If you’ve ever thought about hiring a personal trainer, if you think it’s time to get back in shape or if you want to take your fitness to the next level, live online training with a certified personal trainer can help you reach your goals.

What? In today’s fast paced world, where technology is everywhere, why not put it to good use by utilizing your computer, tablet, phone or other electronic devices to connect with certified personal trainers in real time to help get you in better shape.

Where? Almost anywhere! Because we’re on online-based company, anywhere your electronic devices can go, we can go with you.

When? Almost anytime! With trainers all over the U.S. ready to help.

Why? Overweight? Sedentary lifestyle? Multiple health problems? That’s ok! We’re here to help work with you wherever you are to help you get started on the path to better health. Workout regularly? Bored or stuck at a plateau and looking to mix up your routine? Great! We’re here to help you get results. Regardless of age, sex, location or access to equipment, your health is important and here at FOF we want to help everyone live healthier, more fulfilling, longer lives.

As part of that, I plan on sharing my own journey, what's worked for me, what's been a total failure, overcoming injuries, dealing with medical problems, the work, the sweat and determination. This will not be a journey that’s been edited to only shows the highs with carefully filtered Instagram pictures, but rather an open, honest, fun and real look into how I work fitness into my own life.

My hope getting started is to help as many people as possible with their health and fitness goals by building a community to support each other and creating a platform where people can ask questions and figure out what works best for them.